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Hi - Welcome to my 3D Artworld.

My best wishes for 2013 to all my visitors and friends :) May be the inspiration with you !
The site is now running for about 12 years. Thanks to all visitors and all the kind comments and suggestions I recieved from you.
There were only few changes on my page over the last year, most of them invisible to the visitors, some minor improvements, some reorganizing of galleries.

My galleries and my download area grew step by step. I'll keep on posting new stuff from time to time. And I hope to add a tutorial or FAQ section for Poser and some modelling approaches.
What is the purpose of this site? Mainly to show my artwork image galleries and to offer some download stuff along with tips and tricks.

What's new?

2013-01-10 Fantasy Backgrounds and more ...
I am working on some architectural props for Poser. Here are some renders of my latest model - coming to my freestuff section soon. You can use them as background images for your renders - have fun :)

2011-07-12 Impressions from Menorca
A couple of pictures, taken during my latest visit to Menorca. Enhanced and reworked.

2009-04-01 New Planet Argyron detected !!
... here is an exclusive, never published pic of the recently detected new planet "Argyron". It's diameter is aprox. 8000 km, distance to the sun is nearly 960.000.000 km. This planet is only once visible within 200 years, because it's so far away. OK - here you can download a PNG file (with transparent background) - this link, however, is not an April joke - LOL

Recently I started to learn the GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulating Program) and did my first experiments. GIMP has similar functions like Photoshop and the interface can be arranged and used in a similar way. It's also possible to follow a couple of basic Photoshop tutorials and adapt them (with limitations) to GIMP. And GIMP is free ! So I did my first layers, custom brushes, filtering, etc. etc. A new gallery added: "Starfield Backgrounds and More ..." . These backgrounds are free for personal or commercial use, but please don't redistribute them without my permission. Enjoy :)

New textures added to my gallery: "Roman Tiles and Walltextures" . These textures are free for personal or commercial use, but please don't redistribute them without my permission. Enjoy :)

Fantasy Backgrounds and More ...
We start with a series of hellish, fire born backgrounds, followed by a series of "undersee" themes, called "deepblue". Hope you find them usefull :)

Architecture of Siam (Thailand)
I brought approx. 400 digital photos back from my Thailand trip early this year. These architectonic structures are called "chedis". They are used as tombs. Their size ranges from some few metres up to 20-30 metres is height. Some of them can be entered and contain chambers with Buddah statues inside and ash pottery of the ancestors. This is my first attempt to re-create some of these chedis for use in Poser. I also added a couple of morphs to change the shape a bit. It's still WIP.


My New TFT Monitor
I had a tough time since my old TFT monitor died 2 weeks ago. I was unable to work with my PC, no Poser fun, no rendering, no graphics - my only internet access was in the office, where I could check and answer my mails.
Now the lean time is over. My new 19" TFT is working fine :) :) :)
The old monitor had 15" in diameter, the new one now has 19". It looks not so much larger than the other one, I couldn't believe. So, what did Dr. Joe, the unbeliever ? I took a ruler and measured: now I am convinced: the diameter of the new one is 4" larger - LOL.
Ah - forgot to mention: it is a Siemens-Fujitsu L19-2SD.

New TFT Monitor

A new gallery added: "Spooky backgrounds" . These pics are mostly rendered, but heavily manipulated, composed, filtered or altered/enhanced in other ways. Some photocomposites included. Feel free to download these pics and use them as background for your own artwork. Enjoy :)

Spooky backgrounds

I started a new photo gallery section. These pics are taken with my amateur digicam, manipulated, composed, filtered or altered/enhanced in other ways. The latest pics are from my holiday at the isle of Cyprus. Enjoy :)

A new gallery added. These pics are generated using various 3D landscape generators, such as Bryce 5, Terragen, Mojoworld, POVRAY and other applications. I played with various filters and postwork techniques, so there may be different versions of the same scene as well.

Now I am totally overwhelmed. Poser5 came out for free at Efrontier's Content Paradise. I registered for a free copy, but was still unable to download due to heavy traffic. Let's see if I can get my copy before it expires. I am not sure if it will run smoothly on my PC, maybe I have to upgrade to use it and render within reasonable time. I still had no time to check some tuts nor tips&tricks. Let's see ...

DAZ3D is giving away Bryce 5.0 for free. I ordered and downloaded my copy. Thanks :) Now it's time to play with it and learn a new program (although I had a demo copy that I used from time to time to create some cool textures - saving disabled). My first terrain and landscape scene turned out very promising. I think I am going to start a new gallery dedicated to Bryce renders within the next weeks. The next step I sucessfully did, was importing OBJ-files intended for use in Poser. My future plans are importing Poser characters into Bryce, but first I have to study a couple of tutorials ...

At the moment I am in the process of checking and testing various guestbook scripts to replace my old guestbook. I found a couple of suitable scripts. The new guestbook should have improved spam protection, enhanced features, email notification and the ability of editing existing entries. Unfortunately the programmer of my old guestbook stopped its development. I hope that I can soon have my guestbook back and working.

A bit quiet lately. On June, 15th I got seriously ill. I struggled two days until I decided to go to hospital. It was a case of "appendicitis" in last stage. It was critical they said, with some serious complications after the surgery. I was nearly two weeks in hospital, without chance to post or even internet access. Then another two weeks recovering at home and my first weak attempts to create something in Poser.
OK - I am back again, a bit "faint" or so, but nearly myself again :)

I am proud to announce my interview for the "Free Stuff of the Month Contributor" at Renderosity.
"Each month we showcase a Renderosity Free Stuff Artist, in appreciation for their thoughtfulness, and countless hours spent creating free items for the Renderosity community. This month we are proud to showcase the works of Joe Kurz, better known to his Renderosity fellow artists as jenay."
o Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
o Where do you get your ideas from?
o What was the first model you ever made?
o Do you have any advice for someone just starting out modeling and sharing their free stuff items?
o ... and much more questions you never dared to ask ;)
Read the interview here.

A new gallery opened with experimental work, Just playing with diefferent programs like Poser, POVRAY or Terragen. Some of the images are heavily postworked and enhanced with filters.

My PC crashed at the beginning of August, almost a complete month without PC and rendering capabilities - *sigh* it was a tough time ... In the meantime I bought a new mainboard, CPU, fan and RAM (not enough money to buy a complete new PC) - and it's working again :) :) I had to reinstall Windows, but Poser resides on a second HD, and it's working, no need to change anything. runtime and all data preserved !

A new section opened with work in progress, graphic experiments and unusual approaches. Make sure to stop there from time to time. There are some hidden downloads and other secret goodies as well ...

Galleries opened: 5 new galleries.

Site moved and upgraded with more webspace.

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